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Our Bengal kittens go home at 12 weeks with TICA registration papers, a spay/neuter contract, and one year health guarantee. During their time with us, our kittens will have two vet visits, 1st and 2nd vaccinations, de-wormed, and microchipped.
All of our breeding Bengals have tested negative for PRA and PK Deficiency through UC Davis California. The goal of our breeding program is to produce healthy and socialized kittens. We love the Bengal breed and want to be part of keeping it healthy. We are always available to all of our clients anytime questions or concerns may arise.

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”Friendship 7 Litter”
February 20, 2024

The Friendship 7 litter was born on February 20, 2024 here at Wonder Spots Bengals. Their parents are momma Jagger and daddy Sir Atlas, both on site. Their litter name, Friendship 7 comes from an historical reference on the day they were born. On February 20, 1962 astronaut John Glen piloted Mercury/Atlas called “Friendship 7”. This mission became the first American space craft to orbit the Earth.

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Orbit is a female silver black marble bengal kitten.
She is reserved Eric in Bradenburg, Kentucky.

Rocket is a silver black spotted bengal kitten. He is sold to Joe from Louisville, Kentucky.


Astro is a silver black marble bengal kitten. He is currently reserved for Amanda from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Our Breeding Bengals

Our breeding cats are our pets and we treat them like the kings and queens they are.

Our current stud, Blaze, has his own indoor facility with access to heat/AC, TV, couch, climbing fun, outdoor access, and security cameras. In fact, his house is so nice, our boys will often have a sleep over with him on the weekends!

We are excited for our newest addition, Sir Atlas Purrington. Sir Atlas is a seal lynx tabby bengal. He will start breeding late 2023. Sir Atlas’s indoor facility was completed in the winter of 2022. It’s just as nice as Blaze’s house. 

Our females, Bliss, Byndiblu, Jagger, and Tanga, reside in our family home along with their kittens. They have access to our entire home and often snuggle with their chosen human. Thanks to Sephora Bengals of Charlestown, Indiana for loaning our other female, Space Kitty. 

All of our bengals are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and are classified as Stud Book Traditional (SBT). 

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Star Spangled Blaze of Wonderspots

Blaze is a brown black spotted Bengal. He has the most gentle demeanor and loves snuggles. Blaze is currently our lone stud at Wonder Spots, but we hope to add another stud to our program soon.

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Sephora Sir Atlas Purrington of Wonderspots

Sir Atlas is our newest addition and will be a stud starting late 2023. He is a seal lynx tabby bengal. Sir Atlas is true to his name and is the top purring bengal here at at Wonder Spots. He loves to play and gets along well with everyone and every creature.

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Sephora Magic Bliss of Wonderspots

Bliss is a silver black spotted Bengal. She is so sweet and friendly. Bliss is so motherly and will even mother kittens who are not her own. You will often see her hug on her babies and bring them in close to her for baby snuggles.

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Wonderspots Byndiblu

Byndiblu is a silver black spotted Bengal. She is the offspring of Bliss. Miss Byndiblu is independent, but loves attention. She likes to sleep with our boys and loves to play a good game with the laser pointer.

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Wonderspots Moves Like Jagger

Jagger is a silver black marble Bengal. She is young, but as she grows to adulthood, her marble pattern will develop further. Jagger has the sweetest disposition. She loves every cat, dog, human, bug…everything. Jagger especially loves playing with our other teenager, Tanga. Tanga and Jagger are two peas in pod, but Jagger definitely is the follower of the two. When she is not up to no good, Jagger can be seen curled in a ball next to anything warm, especially the humans of the house. Jagger is not ready to be a mommy yet. For their health, our Bengals are at least a year old before we breed them. Expected breeding will begin Summer of 2022.

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Sephora Tanga Manga of Wonderspots

Tanga is a chocolate sephia spotted Bengal. She is new to our family. Tanga, like her best buddy Jagger, loves to play in water. When Tanga is not involved in a plot scheme, she is usually snuggled up to one of the humans or an adult cat of her own choosing.

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Purchasing Information


Our kittens are priced between 14 and 21 days. Pet prices for our kittens vary between $900.00-$2500.00. Pricing is based upon age, color, and pattern of your kitten. Breeding rights are priced at $6000.00.

Deposit Information:

We do not require deposits. Payment in full is required upon receipt of kitten in the form of a money order or cash.

Contract Information:

We do require you to sign a contract. A copy will be sent to you via phone, fax, or email for your review before you commit to purchase. 

Transport Fee:

In order to reduce the stress of your kitten, we personally deliver your kitten at an agreed upon meeting place. Mileage fees do apply. 

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